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Rent The Rock Rules and Guidelines

Rock Rules & Guidelines

  1. Daily rental begins at 4pm (the night before your sign-up date) to 4pm ON the day of your reservation. For example, if you reserve March 12, you may paint the ROCK beginning at 4pm on March 11. (We need everyone to cooperate with this rule

in order to keep a functioning system.)

  1. All payments and reservations are non-refundable for any reason (changed your mind, inclement weather, etc). However, if you decide you do not want your date, you can offer it to Peak friend or sell it to another Peak family.

  2. Renter provides all paint and supplies.

  3. Renter leaves the area in clean condition, removing all paint cans and litter. Sidewalks, bike rack, flagpole, building, and grass around the ROCK must be kept clean and neat. Be sure to take towels and water to clean any spills that might occur. The individual or group will be held financially responsible for cleaning and/or repair cost associated with violation of this policy.

  4. The individual or group painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured and/or incur clothing or other personal property damage.

  5. Spirit ROCK paintings must be in good taste. No profane words, symbols, or offensive me

ssages will be permitted. The PTO reserves the right to remove inappropriate content.

  1. Peak PTO reserves the right to block dates for school use.

  2. By reserving a date, you agree to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.

  3. Payment: The cost is $10 per day. Multiple days may be purchased (make sure you have indicated multiple days on the sign-up genius). Please reserve your date(s) and pay by credit card using the Signup Genius link.

  4. Reservations MUST be made and confirmation received to paint the rock! You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your reservation and a reminder two days before your reserved date.

Paint Recommendations and Tips

  • The most popular paint to use is spray paint. You will probably need 2 cans for a good base coat. Exterior latex paint is fine, but keep in mind it may take several hours to dry, as opposed to spray paint, which dries in several minutes.

  • For more detailed areas, use a can/tube of paint and a paintbrush. While outdoor latex is best, regular artists acrylic seems to work well too.

  • Bring spare brushes, paper towels, wet wipes, and a trash bag to help contain your supplies and garbage.

  • Protect the adjacent sidewalks from any paint sprays or paint splatter!

Have fun and share your photos!

The Peak Spirit ROCK runs on the Honor Code, with the hopes that everyone will respect these guidelines. All money raised from the use of the Spirit Rock will go towards supporting the various PTO programs at Peak Charter Academy. We look forward to seeing some rockin’ rocks! If you have any questions, please email message us!


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